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Rip - Pour - Cook - Enjoy in ten minutes!

The package contains beef bone broth, wet rice noodles, vegetable packs, sauce packs, etc. Even if you are a novice in the kitchen, you can easily make a delicious rice noodle.

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  • 8 Hours Beef Bone Broth

    Fresh beef bones are used to cook for at least eight hours over a slow fire, and the freshness lock technology allows it to be preserved for 365 days.

  • Featured Braised Beef

    Selected top-quality yellow beef from Guizhou, stewed with a variety of spices and beef bone broth, the meat is tender and springy.

  • Pure Rice Noodles

    Made of pure rice, no preservatives, starch, or thickeners are added, making it smooth and springy, healthier and more nutritious.